Graphic Design

Your original designs are carefully checked and altered by our experienced graphic designers. Considering our client’s needs, we can offer new ideas, as well as reproduction of their old design, including corrections and modifications.





In this system, print is applied on flexible films by engraved steel cylinders and solvent-based inks. The design is engraved into a copper layer on the cylinders, which are then chrome plated – the excessive colour on the surface is removed with a doctor blade so that only the ink in the engraved cells remains and prints on the substrate. Rotogravure printing system is preferred as it offers a high quality colour and printing. On our rotogravure machines we can print designs consisting of up to 8 colours including reverse printing facilities.



Flexography, is a high-pressure, relief printing process on a rotary web press. It uses flexible 3D relief rubber printing plates and solvent-based printing inks. An anilox roll picks up a controlled amount of ink, a doctor blade wipes off excess ink from the anilox roll, before it transfers the ink to the print plate. The print plate, mounted on the print cylinder, transfers the ink to the web of paper or other material being printed. At Politaş, we print up to 8 colours with our central drummed machines.



Lamination is a combining, bonding, coating process of a single printed or unprinted material (foil, film, paper, etc) with various other materials. Multi layered materials are produced by repeating this process with an already produced laminate. This brings oxygen, moisture, aroma and light permeability, durability, tightness and visual aesthetics to the final product. At Politaş, we offer two types of lamination services as, solvent or solvent-free.



After printing and lamination processes, the main reel is cut into two or more of small reels. The cutting process splits up the huge rolls that come off the printing press into custom sizes for the customer’s packaging process. This can involve the size of the inner sleeves, the winding angle and direction and the maximum reel diameter. 



Bag Production


Thanks to our cutting machines, we offer a variety of solutions considering the needs of customers from different sectors. At Politaş Ambalaj, we offer printed or unprinted ready-made flexible pouches with zipper, self-adhesive band and spout applications. Our bag alternatives are as below:

  1. Doypack (Stand up pouch)

  2. Quadro (Corner sealed bag)

  3. Center sealed, side gusset bag

  4. 3 side seal bag

  5. Pillow Bag

  6. Block bottom bag

  7. Side spouted doypack

  8. Heated knife sealed bag